September 11, 2013

Jeremy Scott Hoodie Then he drew a horse

Time passed by quickly and his drawing was better and Jeremy Scott American Flag better. But still he had no writing brush. How he wished he had a writing brush! Then one night in his dreams an old man gave him a writing brush. The old man told him to draw for the poor. MaLiang took the brush quickly and drew a cock on the wall, the cock was then alive, Jeremy Scott Hoodie Then he drew a horse it jumped down from the wall.

Cock-a-doole-doo. It was a magical writing brush, he began to draw for the poor with it every day. What he drew all came true. He drew farm cattle for a farmer and it could plough for him. The officer heard of that and had some soldiers seized him to the officer. He told MaLiang to draw gold for him. MaLiang refused to draw for him, so he was put into prison. At midnight, the guard was fast asleep. Maliang took his brush, drew a door on the wall. When he pulled it the door opened. Then he began to run off with the other prisoners. Then the guards ran after him. Jeremy Scott Hoodie Then he drew a horse and rode on it, the guards could not catch up with him at all.

Then one day Maliang was drawing a water cart in a dry place, suddenly several official guards appeared and seized him away. This time the officer told him to draw Jeremy Scott Big Tongue a gold mountain. MaLiang drew a sea and a gold mountain in the sea. It was full of gold on the mountain. The officer was pleased and cried, "Be quick, draw a big ship. I want to ship gold from the mountain."

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